What my Vegan Kids ate Today in Hawaii

MY NEW EBOOKS ARE HERE! Epic Plant-Powered Kid Food and Breastfeeding Tips! to check it out. I hope you love them!

Includes over 45 delicious, vegan, kid-approved, recipes, picky eater tips and how to help your children love fruits and vegetables, lunch box ideas and inspiration, tips for staying healthy in social settings, childhood birthday party recipes, decadent and healthy vegan desserts- including a gluten free birthday cake recipe, and so much more! All of these recipes are my children’s favorite recipes, including the family style recipes that we enjoy together and are sure to please your whole family! Even if you don’t have children, this ebook is sure to satisfy, bringing back childhood memories with recipes like the classic Mac n Cheese, homemade granola bars, incredible spaghetti, burgers, chocolate thick shakes and fries, and so much more. I hope this ebook brings satisfaction and joy to your whole family. 

This in-depth look at breastfeeding covers how breastfeeding works, tips to be successful at breastfeeding, common question and answers, troubleshooting examples, pumping tips, personal accounts and stories, beautiful breastfeeding images in tender breastfeeding moments, knowledge and expertise from Lactation Consultant & RN, Natalie Marcus, and encouragement throughout each page filled with inspirational breastfeeding quotes.

The B12 we take:

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