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Amaranth Porridge is one of my go-to meals when I’m craving a hearty post-workout protein-rich vegan and gluten-free breakfast (or just craving a hearty breakfast without working out 😂). I love this dish because it’s naturally protein-rich and doesn’t have any processed substitutions. I like doing a mix of amaranth and quinoa because the fluffy cooked quinoa makes the overall texture a little lighter. But if you want to make this recipe with just amaranth it works just as well (just use 1 whole cup of amaranth instead)!

Amaranth Porridge (2 – 3 servings)
½ cup amaranth
½ cup quinoa
½ to ¾ cup plant-based milk
1 ripe banana sliced
1 tsp cacao powder
A dash of cinnamon
Toppings: More milk, stewed apples, peanut butter (or any nut butter), hemp seeds, maple syrup

Stewed apples (for one apple)
1 apple (I like using sweet gala apples but any apple works well)
1 cinnamon stick
2 cloves
1 star anise (optional)

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