Ethiopian Vegan Chechebsa

Pancakes – Another absolute favorite “pancake” of mine is an Ethiopian dish called Chechebsa. Chechebsa for me is the Ethiopian version of pancakes, except that it’s savory and spicy and typically served already cut into pieces. I love pairing it with Ethiopian spiced tea in the mornings for breakfast. And although totally nontraditional, my husband loves pouring pure maple syrup on it!

Traditionally, Chechebsa is not a vegan meal because it is smothered in Ethiopian clarified butter. But of course, I have “veganized” it! You can also make this dish 100% gluten free by substituting the rye flour with teff flour. Teff is the grain that is used to make the injera bread that is eaten with almost every Ethiopian meal. Here is my vegan version of chechebsa!


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