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Where can you find the best vegan Buffalo chicken sandwich? And the bestest vegan buffalo chicken wings?! Get yourself to the nearest Veggie Grill ASAP and if you haven’t been to Veggie Grill before, you are missing out. Veggie Grill is a vegan casual restaurant chain along the west coast of the US and the closest one to Vancouver, BC is in Seattle, so we go there without fail every time we’re in Seattle. They change up their menu every so often, so in this visit, we had the buffalo wings (this order is a no brainer), the buffalo chicken sandwich, and the fish sandwich. Veggie Grill, if you’re watching, can you please come to Vancouver?

Veggie Grill
Address: 2681 NE University Village St, Seattle, WA 98105, United States
website: https://veggiegrill.com/

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Table of Contents.

0:00 – Pre-Show Comedy Gold
0:14 – Introduction
0:38 – Restaurant
1:51 – The Food We Ordered
2:34 – Buffalo Wings
4:17 – Buffalo Chicken Burger
5:37 – Vegan Fish Fillet
7:02 – Will We Return?
7:32 – Please Subscribe
7:47 – You May Also Like This…

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