Cooking Humor EASY Vegan FRIED PICKLES Recipe using an AIR FRYER! NO egg Breading! TRY NOT TO LAUGH!

TRY NOT TO LAUGH! This easy vegan fried pickles recipe is super easy but a bit messy and full of cooking humor! Learn how to make breading without eggs! vegan fried pickles is not only a vegan appetizer meat eaters will like but it also makes for a great snack during lockdown! These vegan air fried pickles are easy to make but do they pass the taste test? Cooking with me and enjoying the comedy is a great way to pass the time in lockdown! This easy vegan appetizer recipe can be used for breading other food as well! Learn new air fryer recipes vegan style! Watch to see new easy vegan air fryer recipes to impress any crowd! I never thought I would learn how to make vegan fried pickles in an air fryer! On a plant based diet but craving some breaded treats? Cook an easy vegan snack on lockdown! Watch and enjoy funny cooking fails that will make you feel better about yourself and funny videos that will make you laugh so hard you cry 2020 when you subscribe to EAT what you SOW with CO on YouTube! Try not to laugh at this funny youtube couples recipe review and rating! Add this episode to the books of light hearted funny videos by CO and also a new vegan appetizer idea! Please remember to like, subscribe and share! Thank you for watching and cooking with me! Quarantine doesn’t have to be boring… cook with me! Get your vegan popcorn ready to watch another EAT what you SOW with CO cooking show unfold with laughs, taste test, and ratings that you won’t believe!
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Special thanks:
JulienTromeur Website: https://gumroad.com/julientromeur
Stock footage and music provided by Videvo, downloaded from www.videvo.net

Pickle facts:
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