Vegan Tahini Pasta Recipe – for a quick and easy meal or side dish

This quick and easy dairy-free pasta salad recipe is full of plant-based flavor! Itโ€™s filled with protein and healthy fats and is great for vegan meal prep, enjoyed as a quick dinner or lunch recipe, and is also the perfect side dish.

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Creamy Tahini Pasta Full Recipe: https://motherraw.com/blogs/recipes/creamy-tahini-pasta-with-edamame

About our Creamy Tahini Dressing & Marinade:
Sweet, yet savoury. The best of both worlds! Made with a base of garlicy goodness and topped off with a touch of natural sweetness. It’s creamy and smooth, all while being completely dairy-free! Use it as a veggie dip or marinade, pour it over salads and bowls, add to homemade hummus, or drizzle it on your roasted veggies!

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Smashed Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Tahini: https://motherraw.com/blogs/recipes/smashed-roasted-brussel-sprouts

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Mother Raw is on a mission to encourage everyone, everywhere to eat more plants! We aim to make plants crave-able with our lineup of organic, vegan and plant based dressings, dips, queso, marinades, and condiments that are ridiculously delicious and free of any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Our products are certified vegan, organic, kosher, and non GMO.

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